We change the way companies conduct 

business by offering investment professionals a chance to meet, network and CONNECT in a way that is simply not possible with other forms of marketing.

Bank  trust

Lean In to connect

Connect Events Group is not affiliated with any fund managers, custodians,  

financial advisors, bank trusts, or family offices. 

Participation in the Private Wealth Connection meets industry compliance regulations. 

Bank Trusts monitor investment performance and selection for thousands of investors. Spend your time wisely by consolidating valuable meetings with active managers and their PM teams.

Family offices

More family offices are turning to fund managers to handle a wide array of 

alternative investment options.  Get to know what's out there with targeted one-on-one due diligence meetings.

Independent RIAs

A better way to conduct investment research with
one on ONE 
Due Diligence Meetings.


Save Time. Save Money. Boost ROI.

Connect Events Group creates high level, peer to peer meetings for financial services firms.  Powerful, attendee driven, face-to-face meetings provide unparalleled ROI.  


You've got a fiduciary responsibility to manage your clients' investments. Your screens only give you so much information.

Get face-to-face with managers/PMs 

representing all kinds of investment options. 

Our Team


  • Invitation Only
  • Innovative Fund Companies & PMs meet with RIAs, CIOs and research analysts.
  • Qualified CIOs, Research Analysts, Directors &  Managing Partners are Fully Hosted. Includes Travel, Accommodations & Meals.
  • Pre-scheduled, 20 Minute, One-on-One Meetings Spread Out Over 2 Days 
  • You Select The Meetings You Want to Participate In
  • 1:1 Ratio Between Managers and Advisors/Trusts/FOs